Email Marketing: Successful Tool For Student Recruitment

Email campaigns are an effective way for institutions in higher education to engage with their prospects.

A study from 2011 was able to demonstrate that email marketing consistently improves admission yields for institutions. What makes it such a useful marketing tool?

What is email marketing?

This one is relatively self-explanatory. It is the use of emails to promote products and services. Not only can an email campaign be used to maintain or strengthen relationships with existing subscribers, they are very helpful with attaining new ones. It offers an alternative route for institutions to reach prospectives who they may not have been able to access prior to their email marketing campaign.

A key aspect of setting one up, is that you will keep your existing database of prospects regardless. Going through an external business to promote your institution on your behalf, means that the only possibility would be for them to lose subscriptions rather than you. You can, therefore, leverage their database, many of whom you may not have had access to previously.

There is nothing to lose, but so much to gain from this strategy.

Find out how an email marketing campaign can help you to attract business school prospects to your institution.

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What are the benefits of email marketing? 

Email marketing campaigns can provide institutions with full access to candidate data. This stretches all the way from personal information such as name, address and phone number to key, industry related data such as program interest, shortlisted schools and even predicted or previous test scores. Such quick and easy access to crucial information means you can bypass initial engagement and begin sending content tailored to what your prospects want.

You can also leverage email marketing campaigns to carry out analysis on how successful they were. You can make use of ROI and metrics reports to establish what content students found most engaging or drew the most application numbers.


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