Improving the management of international mobility and partner relations for students and staff



MoveON is the world's leading software solution for international relations and mobility management. MoveON provides technology solutions to address the 21st century needs of the international office, allowing institutions to cope with the growing demand for international education and research, whilst ensuring that there is still time to spend on what matters most, the student.

MoveON can:

  • Support the strategic management of your institution's international relationship portfolio, allowing you to map global engagement
  • Manage all type's of mobility activity, including, student and staff mobility, exchange, internship, volunteer projects, study abroad, short and long term programms
  • Showcase mobility opportunity to students, staff and partners using interactive maps with extensive search functionality to align partnerships and find compatiblemobility exchange and creating the opportunity to maximize partner engagement
  • Provide an online student and staff portal to make mobility search and application easier
  • Manage relationships with partner institutions, students and staff aplicants via CRM functionality. Ensuring that contacts, engagement data and agreement documents radily available at all times and communication can be logged and audited for quick reference
  • Calculate grants, manages payments and creates financial reports through financial and funding management tools, including, easy export to Eramus + Mobility Tool
  • Help to create reports on all areas of activity, save views to use on user dashboard's and to help keep daily workload on track

Why use MoveON?

  • A worldwide user community with over 320 institutions
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of international mobility and relation practices
  • Personal Customer Support and Account Management services offered by highly-skilled and experienced staff
  • SaaS solution, accessible online 24/7
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • Allows you to get a better view of internationalisation at your institution

For more information about MoveON visit our website , click here to request a demonstration, or email for all other enquiries.