Other QSIU Research

Benchmarking, Applicant Surveys, Jobs and Salary Trends


The Benchmarking Service builds on data compiled for the QS World University Rankings®, as well as other sources, in order to develop a comparative analysis of institutional performance over time. Comprehensive reports, delivered annually, contain simple visualisation tools for the following:

  • Trend data on ranking positions
  • Raw data behind the rankings
  • Variances in performance
  • and a variety of other metrics


Institutions select a number (between 6 and 30) of target institutions from the Rankings list with which to compare themselves against. We can provide guidance to identify suitable peers using our classifications system, which looks at size, specialisation, number of faculties, and research output.

The benchmarking process takes three to five years, with each year drilling down to meaningful performance measurement and institutional insight. Contact; Abby Chau

QS TopMBA Applicant Survey

The QS TopMBA Applicant Survey is the largest survey of the mindset and aspirations of MBA applicants ever conducted. The results provide detailed insight into the status, attitudes, goals and ambitions of MBA applicant worldwide and how they, and the employment and education markets for young professionals, are changing.

QS TopMBA Jobs and Salary Trends Report

Since 1990, QSIU has conducted an annual survey of MBA employers worldwide to determine trends in international salaries and recruitment. The research is of interest to all who follow the international MBA and recruitment market; helping MBA recruiters, business school administrators, career services, current and future MBA graduates to make informed strategic decisions.

QS TopGradSchool Applicant Survey

Similar to the QS TopMBA Applicant Survey, the QS TopGradSchool Applicant Survey focuses on the broader area of postgraduate education applicant trends.