Student recruitment service: QS ADVANCE

Meeting your student recruitment needs


QS ADVANCE is a global recruitment service operating at the highest levels of quality and integrity. With over 20 years in the international higher education domain, QS is a trusted partner for hundreds of higher education institutions worldwide, providing a range of products and services aimed at assisting universities and business schools achieve their internationalization objectives.

The QS ADVANCE service extends our connectivity with students and parents as we assist them in their journey towards studying abroad.


Trust and integrity

Where partnerships for the delivery of the service are formed. QS will carefully screen the partner to make sure that student and parents are receiving the highest standards of advice and support.


QS ADVANCE simplifies the process of recruiting international students by providing universities with pre-screened, quality applicants that are ready and able to enrol. Once candidates have been selected they are offered streamlined, face-to-face counselling and online solutions that enable them to be admitted against your application processes.


QS ADVANCE recruitment services align with QS's unmatched connectivity with international student markets through our rankings and evaluations, websites and events to give clients maximum effectiveness and efficiency in their marketing efforts.


The QS ADVANCE recruitment agency service operates in two modes -


Where QS establishes a dedicated marketing, recruitment and counselling service offering the complete agent service ourselves. This service is currently being offered in the UK serving students interested in studying in Australia and the United States

In Partnership

QS forms long-term relationships with trusted partners in the major international student source markets globally. QS contributes its globally renowned brand; its connectivity to international students through rankings, events, online products and its knowledge of market dynamics to attract the best students.

QS ADVANCE's partner is a strong local brand with an extensive, professional network of counsellors able to manage the student case load in a tightly quality assured environment. This service is currently offered in India in partnership with the Manya Group, a leading test preparation and recruitment service of 10 years standing.