moveon Conference

Welcome to a Smart New World: moveon 4



The annual moveon Conference offers participants a platform to meet international colleagues who are using moveon, a software that enables institutions of higher education to control and manage their internationalization activities, reduce their daily administrative workload, improve their efficiency and save time and money. The moveon Conference is an excellent opportunity for the members of the continuously growing moveon Community to INTERACT with more than 200 colleagues from 22 countries, DISCOVER the new online version moveon 4 during more than 50 sessions, EXPLORE best practice strategies and EXPAND their knowledge during the first class tutorials & thematic workshops.


The moveon Conference addresses all those involved in the field of international relations and who are interested in optimising the processes and efficiency in the international office.

We would recommend the conference to:

  • International office directors, managers and administrative staff
  • International relations managers
  • Mobility coordinators (Erasmus, exchanges and others)
  • Study abroad program managers
  • Student services staff
  • IT department staff


Participants can:

  • Set their personal focus and choose from more than 50 multilingual sessions offered.
  • Be inspired by the powerful features in the new moveon 4 live.
  • See how international relations and partnerships can be easily managed.
  • Learn how to boost their website with the help of our online publishers and the use of interactive maps.
  • Discover how the new online forms and document uploads simplify application processes.
  • Get to know more about the various communication features.
  • Learn how to improve assessment and assignment processes with moveon 4.
  • Explore the full potential of moveon in the best practices & case study sessions.
  • Get to know the moveon community & its members.
  • Share their ideas and interests with colleagues.
  • Discover the latest trends in international higher education.


15-17 June 2016 Valencia, Spain