QS Scholarships

Over US$1.2 million available


In 2003, QS founded the QS Education Trust with the objective of becoming the leading independent community-based provider of postgraduate scholarships. The total fund is now over US$1.7 million, donated by QS and partner institutions.

To view the MBA related scholarships visit our website topmba.com/scholarships.

To view the Postgraduate related scholarships please visit our website topuniversities.com/scholarships.


QS is dedicated to encouraging talented individuals to benefit from an international higher education and, to this end, has for many years provided funds towards educational scholarships for young people.



The scholarship is available to graduate and postgraduate candidates who have been accepted to top universities and business schools and are looking for financial support.

Business schools and universities

Business schools and universities interested in increasing applications from the brightest students around the world. For more information about the QS Scholarships Scheme and how you can join, please download the application form or email: scholarships@qs.com


Visit TopMBA.com or TopUniversities.com to see the full list of scholarships available.