QS Stars

Shining a light on excellence


The QS Stars system evaluates universities against a range of important performance indicators based on a ratings method. It awards Stars to an institution, based on a range of criteria and can include universities not traditionally well-placed in rankings. It is an opportunity for these universities to highlight their strengths via awarded recognition.


Although traditional rankings can be an effective tool in measuring an institution's excellence in the global higher education sphere, there is a need for a rating system which offers students, parents and universities a more detailed comparative tool focusing on an individual institution's excellence irrespective of the performance of other universities.

Ratings are not dependent on the performance of other institutions, but evaluate an individual institution's performance and measure it against pre-set thresholds.

QS Stars provide:

  • Students and parents a detailed analysis of an individual institution's performance broken down by a broad set of criteria
  • Universities a comprehensive and detailed view of their institution's performance, aiding in the strategic planning and development

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