QS Subject Focus Summit

QS Subject Focus Summit


The QS Subject Focus Summit – Electrical and Electronic Engineering brings together for the first time academics, senior higher education administrators and industry professionals from Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) and related domains. This group of people, who are at the nexus of society, research and education, are the change agents of EEE as an academic field. By providing a global forum for networking and the exchange of new ideas, the Summit aims to bring about a deepened and shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing EEE, and the strategies needed to overcome them.


The Organizing Committee has identified three key challenges facing EEE and related domains today, which have inspired three distinct yet complementary tracks: - Track 1: Managing research excellence, entrepreneurship and relations with industry and society - Track 2: Unity in diversity: the challenge of offering one degree in a technologically diverse field - Track 3: Curriculum and learning for a self-taught generation: embracing a playful culture These three tracks provide a unique opportunity to benchmark one's own institutional practices against that of leading peers, addressing three of the core challenges and opportunities that the subject is being confronted with: how to balance competing short- and long-term horizons in research, how to offer a degree that prepares graduates for a field that is undergoing constant rapid change, and how to embrace technological democratization and passionate auto-didactic students in the department's curriculum and teaching styles. Successfully managing these areas is the key to an EEE department's long-term success, including its performance in the QS World Rankings by Subject. Organized in collaboration with the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and held in Singapore, the Summit is also the perfect venue to expand and strengthen your personal and institutional network with other EEE departments and key industry researchers from around Asia and the world.


June 13th-15th 2016

South Korea

Organising Partner: Seoul National Universit

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