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Online Marketing Solutions for Business Schools

Promote your business school to candidates around the world

TopMBA is one of the world’s most popular student websites, attracting potential MBA candidates from all around the world. Promoting your institution to this audience will increase awareness of your brand and your recruitment numbers.

Our multi-channel services – mobile, social, web, video, research, and forums ensure candidates will see you.

Take a look at our specific solutions below:

Institution Profiles

Students visiting TopMBA are looking for a business school. Our advanced profiles make it easy for them.

Offering a digestible source of information about your institution, year round visibility and a high search engine rank, you can guarantee your business school will be seen.

  • Full access to update your profile content via our CMS
  • Full support and optimization also offered by our team
  • Emails and weblinks to receive inquiries from those interested in studying with you
  • Full detailed reporting so you can gauge the effectiveness of campaigns
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High Impact Display Advertising

Our display advertising options allow you to promote business school – as a whole or a specific promotion – in a targeted way. What’s more, our responsive campaigns are optimized for every device, meaning you can attract applicants wherever they are.

Targeting by:

  • User location
  • Study program
  • Destination choice
  • Education level
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Sponsored Content

Sponsored content effectively bypasses adblockers and allows institutions to promote themselves in a unique and innovative way. Branded articles are promoted alongside our library of popular independent content, boosting engagement.


  • High engagement and click-through-rates for sponsored content
  • Articles can be promoted via our social media channels
  • Articles can also be featured in our newsletters
  • Adblockers will not hide them
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QS’s extensive student database, which can be segmented based on anything from study-level to nationality, ensures that any email campaign run through us will be a success.

Multiple targeting options, including:

  • MBA type
  • Country of residence
  • Desired study destination
  • Expected start date
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Enhance your advertising presence with a banner or sponsored article in our popular newsletters, sent monthly to our vast student database.

Benefits include:

  • A database of around 300,000 candidates
  • An open rate of 20%
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