Increase Enrollment Numbers With Our
Tailor-targeted Email Campaigns

Send an email to prospective MBA, EMBA candidates
in our TOPMBA/QSLEAP database looking to enroll
in a program you offer.

How We Drive Results
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Send Your Content To Prospects Actively Researching Business School Options

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Key Benefits of our Tailor-targeted Email Campaigns

Complete List Of Features


  • Subject Line
  • Html creative content emailed as an attached HTML file
  • Email address of a contact that can approve the email
  • Plain text version of email (preferred)


  • Creative to be submitted 1 week before the expected send date to allow for testing
  • We may alter your email creative and code to fit our specifications. If this happens you will be informed of all changes and given an opportunity to provide feedback.
  • We will send a test email to the contact you provide and will not send the email unless they approve it.

How We Create Value For Your Institution

KPIs and Results

We provide detailed ROI reports and metrics for your Email campaign, measuring the following:

  • No. of recipients
  • Unique/Gross Opens
  • Unique/Gross Clicks
  • Open Rate
  • Click Through Rate
  • Click to Open Rate
  • Breakdown of clicks across all links
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Why Students Love Our Platforms

Every year, a fast-growing number of millions of candidates visit TopMBA and QSLEAP to prepare for their MBA journey. Some of the top reasons why our visit us love us…

  • Access to Rankings and study guides
  • Information about graduate management education, cities, and schools
  • Access to our worldwide university and grad school tours and events
  • Access to TopMBA/ QSLEAP dashboards used to research, discover, compare, shortlist business schools
  • Personalized  TopMBA/ QSLEAP interactive featured that help them prepare for admissions tests and get in contact with admissions teams at the click of a button.

User Guide

  • Your creative will be sent from a QS email and will contain a standard un-subscribe message. This opt-out is linked to a large suppression list. If a recipient chooses to opt- out of your campaign they will be opting out of receiving further information from QS rather than your institution/commercial message. Therefore you do not need to provide an opt-out link.You may provide an additional suppression list if you wish.
  • Please note that due to the nature of email delivery, the number of actual emails sent may be less than quoted in your Order Acknowledgement; as we are obliged to remove any email addresses that opt–out of email campaigns.
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Our Process – How We Work with You

  • Confirmation – once your booking is confirmed and secured in our system by your designated account manager, our Customer Success Team will schedule a call to discuss how to get your Email Campaign up and live.
  • Onboarding and guidelines –0ne of our TopMBA/QSLEAP experts will host a demonstration, walking your team through all necessary specifications, guidelines, and deadlines for setting up your Email Campaign.
  • Communication and set-up agreement – our Customer Success Team is available to answer any questions regarding the creation of materials, or if you require our in-house experts to create material on your behalf. For material created in-house, you have an opportunity to discuss and amend, subject to copy deadlines.
  • Launch – we’ll be sure to notify you as soon as your institution’s Email Campaign is live on our site, with all the necessary records of delivery.
  • Monitoring and Optimization – TopMBA/ QSLEAP’s campaign managers monitor the performance of your page and will provide optimization tips to ensure delivery of best possible results.
  • Reporting – at the end of your campaign, your institution will be sent a full summary with a detailed ROI analysis report.
  • Recommendation – upon review, a member of our team can discuss potential next steps, for example, repeat booking, refinement of targeting etc. in liaison with TopMBA/QSLEAP’s digital delivery team.
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