Digital World Grad School Tour – Day 1

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Partner with us and participate in our Digital World Grad School Tour events in Italy. The fundamental premise of these events will be to enable your institution to both grow your lead pipeline for 2021 and create digital meetings to support 2020 enrollments.

The fairs will run on the new 6Connex platform allowing one booth for each school plus offering candidates extra content with advice on funding, admissions, interviews formats and so on. Partners who have purchased presentations will be able to host those in the lobby area, as a pre-recorded presentation and a live Q&A.

You will also be able provide us with brochures, video content or presentations which we can upload to your booth. The candidates will receive all information about your institution prior to the event but no pre-selections will be conducted.

All participating institutions will be able to download the full database, have access to candidates who matched with them, plus a list of candidates who have attended their meetings.

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