University performance ratings

Our globally recognised university rating system, QS Stars, uses a comprehensive framework to rate and showcase university performance across a range of criteria.

QS Stars

Understand and promote your institution’s strengths

The QS Stars university rating system uses a comprehensive and in-depth framework to rate and compare university performance across a broad range of key criteria.

Our rating system is an internationally-recognised mark of quality, and is designed to provide valuable insights into areas of strength and weakness, driving best-in-class standards in higher education.

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Key features

Bespoke assessments

Gain in-depth insights into your institution’s performance

Your institution will receive a detailed report on your strengths and weaknesses.

Marketing tool

Showcase your institution’s strengths to key stakeholders

Promote your scores as a badge, displaying the quality of your institution to potential partners, staff members, parents and students.

Internationally recognised

Institutions in more than 60 countries have received QS Stars badges

Around 600 universities have taken part in a QS Stars audit so far – continuing to promote their strengths via this reputable rating system.

Designed by experts

Leverage 33 years of experience in higher education analytics

The QS Stars rating system is built on years of experience conducting analysis and evolving the QS World University Rankings portfolio.

Accelerate your recruitment and performance ambitions

Utilise the performance audit to refine your performance strategy and promote your profile globally using QS Stars badges.

A photo of a student being awarded a diploma with a board reading ‘Youngest University in the Asia Pacific in the back.
A photo of two women holding pieces of paper from QS that have 5 stars on them for ‘Teaching’ and ‘Employability.

Drive institutional development

A QS Stars assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses across a variety of areas, and encourages institutions to improve its data collection culture and long-term strategic direction.


Enhance brand reputation

With the results and methodology available to the public, QS Stars help students make an informed decision about where to study.

A photo of two women and one man holding an award for ‘Excellence’.
A photo of a student dressed in a yellow coat smiling.

Attract students

The QS Stars assessment is based on qualitative and quantitative evidence and sheds light on the areas that make an institution stand out among peers.

Success stories

“We are particularly pleased to have students writing to tell us that one of the reasons they chose Lancaster University was because we were a 5 Stars-rated institution.”

Ben Matthews
Ben Matthews Associate Director of Global Engagement, Lancaster University

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