How to Make a University Applicant’s Life Easier

The admissions process can be a daunting and stressful process for a lot of prospective students, so what is your university doing to make their lives easier?  

From initial enquiry to accepting an offer from their dream university, prospective students have a lot to do throughout the admissions journey.  

It’s a lengthy, involved process with a lot of moving parts, so students are naturally looking for ways to simplify this stressful time. 

To help students in this endeavor, universities should examine their existing systems, identify steps that can be streamlined or automated, and offer specific services or tools to facilitate the admissions process.  

Online portals  

Everything is online these days, and your university systems should be no exception.  

Prospective students need to be able to find information about your university easily and quickly, and preferably on a mobile-friendly site that allows them to view it on their smartphone.  

This should include information about courses, admission requirements, deadlines, accommodation options, and other pertinent information.  

Paperless applications  

Within this online platform, students should be able to submit online application forms, streamlining the application process, digitizing details and housing them in one central, easy-to-find system, and reducing waste. 

These forms need to be accessible anytime and anywhere for the convenience of both students and your administrators.  

Online presentations 

As part of this digitized application process, prospective students should also be able to upload supporting documents and other presentation materials. 

This means that all admission documentation and supporting materials can be housed in one online system, freeing students from the costly and time-consuming process of assembling and mailing admission packages. 

This also frees administrators from the mountains of paperwork traditionally associated with the admissions process, allowing them to view all student details and materials on an online platform.  

Interview scheduling 

By utilizing an online platform that houses all stages of the admissions journey, you can also schedule interviews with prospective students online.  

This empowers your university representatives to seamlessly communicate with students, no more back-and-forth emails or slow snail mail.  

Support services  

Throughout the application process, your university should offer online support services to prospective students, in addition to traditional phone calls.  

This could range from chat forms to emails and website forms, allowing students to reach out to you through the channel that’s most convenient for them.  

This also allows university representatives to track all exchanges and communications with prospective students and ensure that no enquiry is overlooked or ignored.  

A platform that offers all of the above tools is the QS MoveIN platform, which helps universities effectively engage with prospective students and measure and manage each stage of the student recruitment journey.  

If you’d like to learn more about how to streamline your admissions process and improve the way you communicate with prospective students, contact our QS MoveIN team today 


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