Reimagine Education: New Learners, New Models

Reimagine Education: New Learners, New Models2019-12-12T15:49:28+01:00

Project Description

Over the past half-century, the expansion of higher education has opened up the sector to increasing numbers of diverse non-traditional student groups. These groups come with their own specific preferences and requirements: reimagining conventional university models has been the consequence of institutional – and individual – desires to meet them.

Similarly, the explosive tertiary-age population growth in a number of nations forced prominent individuals in both the public and private sector to rethink how capacity concerns are to be addressed. This paper outlines and examines some of the solutions offered to these problems.

In this whitepaper, we provide insight into:

  • New learning models in higher education

  • The rapid reconfiguration of HE

  • Assessing new models and their limitations

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