Webinar on Demand: Graduate Skills Gaps and Mismatched Expectations

Webinar on Demand: Graduate Skills Gaps and Mismatched Expectations2018-12-07T16:32:51+01:00

Project Description

This webinar explores the latest insights from the Global Skills Gap Report, evaluating the relationship between graduate skills and employer expectations in today’s ever-changing labour market.
It is based on data from the QS Global Employer Survey 2018 and the QS Global Applicant Survey 2018, comparing the employers’ and students’ perceptions of core skills, and highlighting key areas of alignment and misalignment.

Our data and analysis can be used by universities to empower their students in future interactions with employers worldwide. The webinar covers:

• Global overview of core skills
• Importance versus satisfaction of core skills
• Regional breakdown of core skills
• Impact of company size and staff seniority on skills
• Impact of recruitment priorities

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