What do Global Prospective Students Want?

What do Global Prospective Students Want?2020-06-22T16:41:58+01:00

Project Description


Pursuing a university degree abroad is a major decision even in normal times. In 2020, the expectations and reservations of prospective students are further magnified by macro uncertainty around us. Better understanding of what students want will help you craft messages that resonate with today’s applicants and design academic offerings that respond to their specific needs.

The new QS Student Insights Tracker contains valuable findings on specific prospective student segments based on more than 100,000 respondents to the International Student Survey and 200 million page views on TopUniversities.com and TopMBA.com. In addition, it includes detail on the demographic and higher education landscapes for countries around the world.

Join us at 9am BST on Wednesday 15th July to see what insights are included, find out when the new service will be released, and learn how you can inform the next generation of QS Analytics tools.

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