New MoveON Highlights 2020: Process Automation and Online Report Publisher


This webinar will demonstrate the new advanced functionalities now available with MoveON, QS’s leading software solution for International Offices worldwide. As a well-established market leader in Europe and with over 300 clients globally, MoveON continues to support institutions to achieve their internationalization goals and improve mobility processes, by covering key areas such as [...]

Managing Internationalization: Tracking and Measuring your Global Footprint with MoveON Software (U.S & Canada)


Join us to learn more about our innovative MoveON software solution, which allows universities and colleges to easily keep track of international partnerships and relationships of all kinds. MoveON is an International Relationship Management (IRM) tool, which enables you to manage any type of international engagement including MOUs, mobility agreements, visits, conferences, research [...]

Erasmus Without Paper: How to Make it Happen


Looking to understand in more detail what the Erasmus Without Paper initiative will entail for European Higher Education institutions and International Offices? Register for our webinar, presented by Girish Gopalakrishnan, Head of Products at QS. During this webinar we will cover the following topics: Rising popularity of the Erasmus programme Administrative Steps involved [...]