Assessing Your University’s Online Capabilities


As the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus crisis continues, institutions are coming to realize that online learning is unlikely to be a temporary fix to a short-term problem. Instead, as the world adjusts to a new normal, online learning is establishing its position as a crucial element of the higher education experience.     By assessing your [...]

Managing Internationalization: Tracking and Measuring your Global Footprint with MoveON Software


Join us on Wednesday 22nd July at 1pm EDT to learn more about our innovative MoveON software solution, which allows global engagement offices to easily keep track of campus-wide international partnerships. MoveON is an International Relationship Management (IRM) tool, which enables you to manage any type of international engagement including MOUs, visits, conferences, [...]

The Future of UK Universities Post COVID-19 – a joint webinar with Universities UK International, BUILA, Unibuddy and QS


Join us on Tuesday 14 July at 14:00 BST for our webinar aimed at supporting UK universities during the coronavirus pandemic and to offer guidance for future intake planning.  This session will have our panelists discuss the following: How the international higher education sector responded to the COVID-19 crisis, and blue sky thinking [...]

What do Global Prospective Students Want?


Pursuing a university degree abroad is a major decision even in normal times. In 2020, the expectations and reservations of prospective students are further magnified by macro uncertainty around us. Better understanding of what students want will help you craft messages that resonate with today’s applicants and design academic offerings that respond to [...]