Demystifying the Rankings: A Guide for Universities


This white paper delves into the history of university rankings and identifies their importance in an increasingly expanding international higher education market. - It presents insights that could be leveraged for institutional development and attempts to unpick complex methodological concepts to demystify the relationship between the QS Global University Rankings and big data. [...]

Maximizing Potential at Student Recruitment Events


This guide on maximizing potential at recruitment events offers advice on how to make the most out of direct-engagement with prospective students. - Drawing on the extensive knowledge of QS experts in this field, the guide offers crucial insight on best practices before, during and after a recruitment event, which can be harnessed [...]

Indian Applicants: How Do Indian Students Use Rankings?


This white paper considers the role rankings play in the university choices of international Indian students, as well as alternative strategies students from this region adopt to complement their assessment of prospective institutions. The research is based on focus groups and interviews carried out with students throughout India and can illuminate the drives [...]

Reimagine Education: Technology & Pedagogical Innovation


Technology is evolving at rapid speed to enter our homes, personal lives, work and, of course, the higher education (HE) sector. Institutions must adapt to meet the demands of this changing environment, but cannot always keep up with the speed at which technology is being disseminated.