Student Recruitment and Enrolment Services
Maximize your student recruitment with a range of services
from QS Enrolment Solutions.

QS is developing a very talented team whose members have immersed
themselves in our process and programs in order to have high-quality
conversations with prospects. I am very pleased with our engagement
with QS thus far and hope to see it continue.

Susan Reantillo
NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Student Recruitment and Enrolment Services​

//Student Recruitment and Enrolment Services​
Student Recruitment and Enrolment Services​2020-06-06T20:52:34+01:00

Transform and Future-proof the Way You Acquire, Engage, Convert and Retain Students

QS Enrolment Solutions (QSES) is the leading global provider of outsourced international and domestic student recruitment, conversion and retention services. 

With over 6 million data points at our intelligence and operational teams’ fingertips, we know how and when students make their study decisions. We support many of the world’s leading universities with actionable, personalised communication in over twenty-five different languages, allowing your institution to both globalise and specialise at all stages of the enrolment pipeline.  

QSES seamlessly integrates with your teams and platforms while providing additional scale, expertise and expansion of your capacity to recruit, convert and retain. 

Lead scoring and marketing nurture programmes

Do your marketing communications achieve industry-leading open and click-through rates?

Applying the latest marketing automation software and insights from managing more than 1 million emails to students each year, QS Enrolment Solutions creates highly targeted and timely marketing communication programs to maximize your applications and enrolment. Using dynamic content, behavioral targeting and send-time optimization, QS Enrolment Solutions can offer marketing communications superior to your competitors, nurturing your prospective students at every stage in their decision-making process.

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Market research, data analysis and industry benchmarking

Do you have the necessary insights to maximise your student recruitment?

QS Enrolment Solutions offers specialist primary and secondary market research services for universities and industry bodies, enhancing your understanding of student and industry changes. With the expectations of students changing, and the decision-making processes of prospective students being more complex than ever, market research and sophisticated data analysis can help you stand out from the crowd and maximise your student enrolment.

QS Enrolment Solutions also provides stand-alone data analysis services using your own recruitment and conversion data, benchmarking you against market data to help you understand how your recruitment efforts and conversion compare.

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Enquiry management and application services

Are you offering prospective students the best possible service from initial contact through to application?

The expectations of prospective students are higher than ever, requiring highly personalized communications and a rapid response. QS Enrolment Solutions offers an optimal communication experience to help nurture your prospective students from inquiry to application. QS Enrolment Solutions’ Student Advisors are trained in soft-sell methodology to maximize applications and provide you with essential insights on barriers to conversion. For international enquirers, QS Enrolment Solutions offers multi-lingual staff across a range of time zones.

Our engagement with the new QS Enrollment Solutions service has developed into a true partnership. QS is developing a very talented team whose members have immersed themselves in our process and programs in order to have high-quality conversations with prospects. I am very pleased with our engagement with QS thus far and hope to see it continue.                                                                                                                                                     Susan Reantillo, Managment and Admissions Director at NYU Tandon School of Engineering 

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Application assessment and admissions management

Are you offering students a rapid turnaround time for processing applications?

QS Enrolment Solutions’ Admissions Assessors manage each application using a sophisticated, bespoke admissions CRM that seamlessly automates workflow between the assessors and the university. They match student qualifications to university requirements, including English language proficiency, prior qualifications and work experience. For every application, you can expect the highest international standards in assessment coupled with with timely and personalized responses.

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Offer management and conversion to enrolment

With students receiving multiple offers, how do you maximise the likelihood of them choosing your institution?

QS Enrolment Solutions offers a proactive and personalized approach to engage your offer holders, providing an exceptional level of customer service and support, to help your institution stand out from the crowd. Our soft-sell approach helps maximize enrolment, as well as providing you with essential insights on barriers to conversion. QS Enrolment Solutions also provides data analysis and a variety of reports to help you understand the relative effectiveness of your recruitment channels and benchmark your performance against the market.

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