Leverage our Market Research; Build Your
Student Profiles and International Strategy

Our service helps you to build a data-driven strategy for
targeting 'right-fit' customer segments and markets.

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Benefits of QS Digital Insights & Strategy

  • Improved targeting and attraction – focus on converting prospects to accelerate enrollment conversion and maximize return on investment.

  • Increased volume and quality of enquiries – Get a better return from your marketing spend, based on precise targeting of ‘right-fit’ profiles.

  • Adaptable and diverse – A reduced reliance on single countries and territories, minimizing the risk that changing market conditions presents.

  • Identification of new international markets – Student profiling and data analysis that will help to identify opportunities in new markets.

  • Access to exclusive datasets – With QS, you will benefit from the largest pool of international student insight available anywhere in the world. 

  • Diversified student cohorts – Reduced reliance on single countries or territories, in turn minimizing the potential risk of changing market conditions.

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The Key Phases of an International Research and Strategy Project

1. Primary Market Research

Deliver primary research through the design and deployment of a bespoke online survey to your enquirers and current students.

2. Student Profiles and Personas

Based on research data, we provide segmentation modeling to identify international student profiles and understand behaviors and characteristics.

3. Country Matching

Map the student profiles to exclusive ISS data to better understand the global representation and distribution.

4. Country Insights

Based on the country mapping, we will provide top-level analysis on select markets, which includes macro-economic and demographic factors.

Competitor   Benchmarking     (Optional Extra Service)

Comprehensive desk research to understand how you compare to your competitors across a range of decision-making criteria.

 Website Audit    (Optional Extra Service)

Evaluate your website from a student recruitment perspective, carrying out tasks and searching for information used by students to research universities.