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Get Detailed Evaluation of Your Institution’s Performance in the Rankings

The Rankings Tracker as a service through which we provide you with a series of in-depth comparative reports covering multiple performance indicators. These dynamic reports compare live data and highlight at least 15 target peers from the QS World University Rankings®, serving as a basis for your institution’s benchmarking review and performance analysis.

Delivered through an online analytics platform, the Rankings Tracker presents insightful visualizations and provides useful insights into the chosen institutions, which include:

  • World rank estimation for non-ranked institutions.
  • Trend data on ranking positions, including information which is not publicly available.
  • Access to the data behind the rankings, including faculty staff and students data, research metrics and reputation analysis.

Using our platform you can view in a powerful and streamlined way key competitive and performance statistics about a number of important ranking variables.

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Benefits to Your Institution

  • Helps you to gain an understanding of your institution’s regional, national and global standing.

  • Helps to identify weak areas and indicates what needs to be done to improve.

  • Provides exclusive access to comparative data used to compile the QS World University Rankings®.

  • May suggest goals for recruitment and staff development.

  • Helps to identify training needs and problem areas.

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