Why You Need to Streamline Your International Student Recruitment

Sick of wasting time and energy at every stage of the international student recruitment cycle? Here are the biggest pitfalls that are slowing you down.  

The international student recruitment cycle and admissions process is a complex, multilayered journey for both students and university representatives alike. 

The university admissions office has a responsibility to make their systems and processes as efficient and streamlined as possible, benefitting both their own staff and the students they serve.  

However, there are some areas of the admissions office and applications process that frequently slow things down, here’s what you need to be on the lookout for.  

A paper-thin commitment to paper 

There’s no reason to stay loyal to paper-based systems anymore. Get rid of all the paperwork and clutter around your admissions office and move your systems online.  

This requires investment in a single online system that’s designed to store and track all applications from students.  

However, it’s an investment that will pay off. Your digitally savvy applicants will thank you, as they’ll be able to securely fill in, save, submit, and track their application completely online.  

Spread too thin across too many spreadsheets 

Does your admissions office currently store data and track applications through a dizzying array of spreadsheets and documents?  

Cut through the confusion and move all this information into one centralized hub, allowing you to create at-a-glance reports, track program trends, and check application statuses at any time.  

Another benefit of moving away from complicated spreadsheets is that you can easily select and score applicants effectively.  

You’ll be able to collate all applicant information in one place, send automated reminder emails and alerts, and produce in-depth profiles and checklists.  

No central system to store data  

With data privacy and security an important issue for any organization, data storage and usage needs to be a core consideration for your admissions office.  

If your data and applicant information is stored in unprotected files and systems across multiple locations, then you’ve got a security issue on your hands. 

Utilizing a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that’s password protected and subject to user permissions for increased security ensures that your data is secure at all times.  

If you’d like to learn more about how an effective, centralized, and online system, designed especially for universities, can transform your international student recruitment processes, contact our MoveIN team today 


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