How Are You Talking to Prospective Students About Graduate Employability?

Graduate employability is a key deciding factor for students during the admissions process, so how is your university talking about this critical component?

Graduate employability is the ability for graduates to find or create work after higher education, and it’s become increasingly important in today’s competitive labor market.

In the US, one out of every 20 young graduates is unemployed, a rise from one in 25 in 2000.

Additionally, many popular university degrees have high unemployment rates in the US, with mass media at 7.8%, liberal arts at 6.7%, anthropology at 6.6%, and philosophy at 6.2%.

As you’d expect, prospective students want to avoid becoming part of one of these statistics by attending a university that has high graduate employability numbers.

Why is graduate employability so important?

The QS 2019 International Student Survey found that 58% of international students valued a high graduate employment rate when choosing which university to attend.

Additionally, 56% of respondents valued a high rate of graduates going into their preferred industry and 56% valued how quickly graduates found employment after finishing their degree.

During the decision-making journey, international students are already examining a university through the lens of the career path and opportunities it could offer them. Some online portals have launched to address this and provide students with graduate employability information directly from graduates and alumni.

If your university can’t communicate the strength of its graduate employability, and the initiatives it has put in place to achieve this, then it may be overlooked for those that can.

How can universities talk to prospective students about graduate employability?

It’s clear that international students care about graduate employability and want to understand what steps your university is taking to proactively address it.

Therefore, graduate employability needs to be a key marketing message and talking point for prospective international students.

How are you communicating your graduate employability rates and statistics in your marketing materials? Can prospective students find this information easily?

Additionally, do your university representatives include it in their key conversations with prospective students throughout the decision-making journey?

These representatives need to be kept up to speed with the latest numbers on how many graduates are employed, and whether they’re employed in an industry that’s related to their degree.

They should be able to talk to prospective students with confidence about your university’s efforts to improve graduate employability, whether that’s career services, industry partnerships, work placements, an involved alumni network, or other initiatives.

They should also be able to provide comparative statistics for other universities and for specific industries, positioning them as a trusted source of information and guidance.

However, these efforts may be beyond your university’s current resources or bandwidth.

To learn more about how your university could improve the way it communicates with international students, contact our QS Enrolment Solutions team now.


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