Latest QS Research: Applicant Characteristics by Region

The QS Applicant Data Cut Reports are designed to provide a snapshot onto the divergences among key student markets in higher education.

Unlike the ‘2018 QS Applicant Survey Report: What Drives an International Student Today?’, which provides a more in-depth analysis of prospective students in different regions worldwide, the data cuts slice the data to present a window onto key findings. Defining characters emerge between differing applicant groups globally, allowing universities to develop targeted recruitment and branding strategies.

Each report summarizes the journey of aspiring applicants in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, Asia Pacific, the US and Canada, Eastern Europe and Western Europe. The QS Intelligence Unit runs the international applicant survey every year, where results are routinely downloaded in the Summer and insights published the following Autumn. The survey goes out to university applicants worldwide, providing insight university leaders can use to better understand and communicate with prospective students.

The Applicant Data Cut Reports focus on nine main areas of concern, including; Applicant Motivations, Top Destinations, Country Choice Motivations, Institution Choice Reasons, Preferred Disciplines, Target Industries, Skill Development, Information sources and Funding Sources.  Each section will provide an overview of the topic in relation to each region and a link that will allow the reader to explore the same theme more thoroughly if they want to develop a deeper engagement.

The six regional reports can be found here.


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