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Take Advantage of Our Advanced Profile Offering and Drive More Traffic

With annual visits of over 50 million, we can significantly boost your institution’s visibility online through our Advanced Profiles.

We offer a large set of features, including bespoke content, videos and listed course links, allowing you to take full advantage of our website’s high SEO ranking and global reach.

  • 11% average click through rate*.

  • Full access to update and review content via our online portal.

  • Guidance, optimization tips and reporting from our support team.

  • ROI analysis at the end of your subscription.

  • Links from course details to corresponding pages on your website.

  • Flexible 6-month, 12-month or 18-month purchasing options.

* TU campaigns report 2015-May 2016

“In my opinion, having an advanced profile with QS creates a great listening post on the web for any university.”

Mark den Uil, Erasmus University

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