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Understand what motivates global candidates, what informs their decision-making and what they expect from higher institutions today using our user-friendly student insights analytics tool.

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What is a Student Insights Tracker?

Access data on prospective international student decision-making.

The Student Insights Tracker is an easy-to-use analytics tool that allows institutions to access and examine thousands of data points on international student plans and decision-making.

With further support from QS, institutions can leverage this data to implement a strong student recruitment strategy, built around an in-depth understanding of what students want from their higher education experience.

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Key features


Explore the Student Insights Tracker’s easy-to-use dashboard

With no requirement for data expertise, explore clear visualisations organised into digestible themes relating to the prospective student journey and use intuitive filters to segment the data.

Extensive data set

Analyse thousands of data points on student decision-making

Access the views of 130,000 global prospective students from 198 regions and territories covering 23 study interests.

Trend analysis

See how student preferences are changing over time

Get a detailed look into the evolving online research behaviour of over 50 million unique visitors to TopUniversities and TopMBA.

Global content

Identify the student markets of tomorrow

Explore data mobility and other indicators on more than 200 countries from sources such as UNESCO and the World Bank.

Accelerate your student recruitment ambitions

Leverage insights on the aspirations, reservations and expectations of your target markets to develop a strong student recruitment strategy.

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Use the information gained to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your current student recruitment strategy.


Utilise the data to inform your actions and make evidence-based decisions on how you engage with prospective students.

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Return to the Student Insights Tracker to keep abreast of changing student expectations over time.

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