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Scale up, speed up, and secure better-quality students with QS Admissions service. When the pressure’s on, we step in with precision admissions solutions.

Quality applicant experience

First impressions do count. So, it’s important you get it right. That means processing their application and answering questions quickly, and communicating with them whenever, wherever and however they want. We can help you make those one-to-one connections on scale.

We harness the best in technology with human expertise to elevate your applicant experience and help you achieve your student recruitment goals.


of students see a positive admissions experience as a sign of good teaching.

(QS International Student Survey 2023)

Quality admissions, handled with care

Surging application volumes shouldn’t mean compromising your admissions standards.

Scale up, speed up, and secure better-quality students with QS Admissions. When the pressure’s on, we step in with precision admissions solutions.

We harness the best in technology with the best in human expertise to elevate your applicant experience.

First impressions do count with many linking their application experience to the quality of teaching they can expect from the university (QS International Student Survey 2023).  So it’s important you get it right. That means answering their questions quickly, and communicating with them whenever, wherever and however they want. We can help you make those one-to-one connections on scale.



Futureproof your admissions strategy

Streamlined, responsive admissions reflect highly on your institution. QS Admissions helps you meet your recruitment targets.

AI-powered human decision-making

AIDA, your bespoke AI assistant, identifies high-potential applicants, letting your team focus on those top prospects and deliver exceptional service, regardless of application volume.

Applicant-first approach

Reassure your applicants with a smooth journey. Our personalised approach makes them feel valued and excited to join your community. 

Quality assured

At QS, quality and trust come first. We never outsource our talent, and all our admissions experts have 5-10 years of assessing international higher education applications.

How can AI support admissions?

The benefits of precision admissions

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QS quality assurance guaranteed

Your applications will be processed by a team of QS admissions professionals with between 5-10 years experience in application assessment for the international higher education sector. Over the last three decades, we’ve earned worldwide trust for our quality and integrity. And when it comes to evaluating university applications, we know there’s no substitute for experience.

Fast-track prioritisation in the areas that matter to you

Identify the applicants most likely to convert with AIDA, your bespoke AI Admissions assistant. Our predictive models pinpoint high-potential applications based on your areas of focus, allowing you to concentrate your efforts where they’ll have the biggest impact. AIDA streamlines the selection process, saving time and resources. But when it comes to the final decision, it’s always in human hands.

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Support your applicants decision to enrol at your university

Our QS admissions advisors will engage and nurture your applicants with personalised communications, responding to their key admissions questions, on their preferred channels and timezone, on your behalf. With an emphasis on service and support, we foster meaningful connections that turn applicants into loyal, engaged students who become an integral part of your community.

Own your admissions reputation

Take control of your own admissions reputation with faster turnaround times, improved reporting accuracy and conversions to improve your relationship with applicants, key university stakeholder, agents and other feeders. A streamlined, responsive admissions process reflects highly on your institution’s reputation. Take charge of yours.


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Frequently asked questions

How does admissions support work in practice?

We act as an extension of your existing admissions team, working inside your systems, to your protocols and meeting your requirements – never veering outside of them. Our trained admissions teams will quickly learn your workflows to quickly and accurately process applications, providing a ‘release valve’ to any backlogs or surge periods. Alongside this we will provide a review of your processes, based on our deep experience of working across many admissions teams, creating efficiencies. We report on progress metrics regularly and provide peace of mind through rigorous quality assurance.  

Can you help me right now?

Yes, we can implement an admissions service quickly, often working to tight deadlines or meeting ‘in-cycle’ backlogs.  

Does this create more work for me?

Initially we will require some of your time to help train us in your ways of working, but this initial investment pays dividends as the service goes live and we relieve workload. Unlike new hires or temporary staff, we do not need to be retrained – and you only have to tell us once  

Can I choose which applications you help process?

Yes, we can support you with applications for target cohorts or from specific countries and regions. If needed, we can also support you with your whole admissions service. We work flexibly to help you achieve your admissions objectives and targets.  

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