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We understand the importance of building strong international partnerships and expanding opportunities for student and staff mobility.

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Why internationalisation services matter

Building and maintaining strong international partnerships is not an easy task.

Selecting, establishing and nurturing the right partnerships can be time-consuming and, at times, you may struggle to achieve the outcomes you hoped for.

It’s essential to understand and explore the synergies with other institutions in order to determine whether a partnership will be mutually beneficial.

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Achieving your internationalisation goals

With experienced staff in over 30 countries across the globe and a wealth of established university partnerships, QS understands the complexities that come with expanding into new international markets.

Whatever your objective – whether it’s to diversify your faculty, foster student mobility opportunities or build strong partnerships with institutions overseas – we work with you to expand your global footprint.

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Internationalisation solutions

Explore our range of internationalisation solutions and discover how our team of experts can help you achieve your objectives.

Internationalisation solutions

Success stories

Working with QS has taken the guesswork out of providing high-level information on our university’s internationalisation achievements and has given us a powerful tool to benchmark our successes against a very ambitious overarching internationalisation strategy.

Megan Fulmes, International Information Specialist, University of Saskatchewan

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