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Why your reputation matters


In such a competitive market, establishing a strong reputation for your institution is essential to engaging, not only prospective students, but other key stakeholders, including talented faculty and staff, partner institutions and future employers.

For some universities and business schools, improving their reputation means expanding into new markets.

For others, it requires strengthening or establishing their brand identity.

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Achieving your reputation goals


There are many factors that can strengthen an institution’s reputation; from branding, design and messaging, to how you identify and communicate unique strengths and characteristics, such as academic prestige in certain fields, innovation in pedagogy or your sustainability efforts.

Whether you are looking to understand and assess how your institution is perceived globally, manage your reputation and networks, or develop a plan to amplify awareness of your brand in target markets, QS are experts in helping institutions identify USPs and establish the right marketing and advertising strategy for them.

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Reputation solutions

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Reputation solutions

Prior to implementing the QS reputation management platform, communication with our academic and employer partners was all one-to-one and we couldn’t keep track of which contacts had been invited to participate in QS surveys. We now have greater insight and control over our reputation, making it much easier to engage with our contacts and to manage the survey invitation process.

Xènia Guàrdia, ESADE Business and Law School

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