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AI-driven insights to inform your employability strategy and equip today’s learners for tomorrow’s jobs.

Career-ready learners, empowered by AI 

Using AI’s transformative power, 1Mentor analyses over 200 million job adverts to understand businesses requirements and empower higher education. The job market is ever-changing, but your graduates can be ready.  

Powered by QS, 1Mentor can leverage the insights of higher education sector experts to inform and guide your employability strategy. 

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Platforms for learners and faculty 

Learner platform

We empower students to achieve their goals through real-time recommendations on the skills and competencies they need to succeed. 

Explore career paths aligned with students’ interests, studies and existing strengths.
Discover the skills and competencies their dream role requires.
Receive customised recommendations for relevant courses to develop the required skills.

Insights platform 

Ensure your graduates are labour-market ready. We can equip your institution with the data you need to launch new programmes, adapt existing curricula, and attract top students. 

Leverage industry knowledge to strengthen current programmes, launch new ones and to inform your life-long learning strategy.
Understand and cater to student interests to enhance satisfaction and strengthen reputation amongst employers.
Deliver data-enabled career guidance for students and provide personalised objectives.

The impact of 1Mentor

According to higher education leaders 
1Mentor can help students understand the career opportunities available after graduation. 
1Mentor can help students understand the skills that employers require for positions in their field. 
1Mentor can help students improve their employability outcomes.

Source: Evaluated on a scale of 1-10 by client and partner institutions 

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What do our customers say about 1Mentor

“I am delighted. It is a game-changing technology to advance students’ careers. The platform takes into account your current skill set and tells you exactly what you need to achieve your career goals. Especially, I love that it prepares you ahead of time and lets you see your progression.”

Student, University of Waterloo

“This platform will have a tremendous impact on higher education, employer/university relationships, and student outcomes.”

Assistant Vice President, Student Services, Arizona State University

“We desperately need to know this information. In order to launch new programs or enhance current programs, you have to know this.”

Sr. Co-op Education Programs Manager, Purdue University

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Understand the job market. Strengthen your programme offering. Prepare students for the world of work. 

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