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"Universities, students and the Generative AI imperative" report front cover.
Universities, students and the Generative AI imperative
Since the explosion of Generative AI in early 2023, the genie is truly out of the bottle and there is no turning back. But what do academics and international students...
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QS Insights Magazine – June 2024
In the latest edition of QS Insights Magazine, we investigate the meaning of reputation and why it’s important for universities to attain a strong reputation, and it also features:  QS...
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At QS we take an insight-led and data-driven approach to all that we do, including investigating the sector’s most pressing questions.
Our reports, white papers and articles offer digestible analysis of the billions of data points we have at our disposal, as well as commentary from higher education leaders, to paint a picture of the state of higher education today.

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QS Insight Magazine features essays by and interviews with higher education leaders and global employers, as well as in-depth analysis of the rankings and articles on the latest hot topics in higher education.

In the latest QS Insights Magazine, we explore how universities are able to maintain their commitment to uplifting the community in the face of anti-DEI sentiment. Other stories featured in the edition delve into the challenges of research funding, what Gen Alpha is looking for in their higher ed journey, as well as how universities are helping cities and regions transform into knowledge economies. 

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