Developing Risk Management Strategies During a Crisis: How to Look Beyond an Immediate Crisis


The coronavirus crisis has highlighted the importance of crisis management and risk management for higher education institutions across the globe.  As the crisis continues, institutions need to utilize risk management strategies to explore how the present crisis is evolving and leverage these insights to prepare for issues that may arise in the future.  [...]

APAC International Student Survey 2020 Report – Volume 2: Information and Influence


This report will launch 4 June 2020. Complete the short form now and we will email you a copy as soon as it launches. This volume of the 2020 APAC International Student Survey takes a closer look at the ways prospective students seek, process and use information when making study decisions, and who [...]

The Impact of the Coronavirus on Prospective International Students


An ongoing QS survey of prospective international students is revealing new insights into how this group is responding to the coronavirus crisis.   As a follow up to our large report, The Impact of the Coronavirus on Global Higher Education, which was published in early April, this latest report will reveal new findings on:   How prospective [...]