QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2017 – Overview

Graduate employability

Which universities best prepare students for the graduate world? That’s the question the latest university ranking from QS is attempting to answer. By exploring not only employment rates, but also the quality of alumni outcomes, links to businesses and the reputation of the institution in the graduate jobs world, the QS Intelligence Unit has compiled a list of the top universities supporting graduate employability.

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It may also be of interest to you, that we have this week released our MBA & Masters Rankings for 2018, with an unprecedented focus on employability.  They represent our most sophisticated set produced to date and convey the hard-work and expertise that has contributed towards pioneering a revolutionary ranking system.

Our unique focus on employability constituted 40% of the overall weighting for Top MBA programs this year.

Find out about this year’s results and the methodology behind our extensive research.


Building on last year’s pilot, this edition has an enhanced methodology and an additional 100 universities included in the published list.

The top 10 institutions are below, but take a look at the full rankings for the complete picture, along with an explanation of the methodology used.

Graduate employability rankings:

QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2017: Top 10
2017 Rank Institution Country
Stanford University United States
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) United States
Tsinghua University China
University of Sydney Australia
University of Cambridge United Kingdom
Ecole Polytechnique ParisTech France
Columbia University United States
University of Oxford United Kingdom
University of California, Berkeley (UCB) United States
10  Princeton University United States

See the full ranking here.

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