2023 QS Higher Ed Report: Latin America Rankings

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The report features:

  • El Mito de El Dorado: Looking into global higher ed’s best kept secret, Latin American stakeholders discuss the challenges and opportunities for those looking to engage with the region
  • Carnaval do Brasil: A deep dive into the higher education system of Brazil in the lead up to the 2022 QS Higher Ed Summit: Americas in Vila Velha
  • ¿Que?: How does publishing research in a language other than English impact outcomes?
  • Enseñando a los maestros: Latin American students’ interest in studying education and teacher training is waning. How can stakeholders teach the teachers?
  • The 21st Century Student: A look back at some of the skills Latin American students need to future-proof their careers.
  • Essays: Perspectives from leaders in the region and abroad
  • Rankings: A full overview of the results from the 2023 QS World University Rankings: Latin America

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