Academic Reputation Tracking: Your Top 10 Questions Answered


Wondering how your institution can best track and improve its academic reputation?

In this white paper, we detail the top 10 questions you’ve ever wanted to ask about academic reputation and how to track it, including:

  1. Why should you care about tracking your academic reputation?
  2. What’s involved in the QS Academic Survey and how many people respond?
  3. Does the QS Academic Survey just look at the most recent year?
  4. How do these survey results inform my academic reputation and rankings position?
  5. Is there a difference between my institution’s domestic and international academic reputation? How is this calculated?
  6. How can I compare my academic reputation to domestic and international competitors?
  7. Why do my closest competitors have better academic reputations than my institution?
  8. What are the main areas I should focus on to improve my academic reputation?
  9. What’s an example of a country that has significantly improved its academic reputation?
  10. Where is this area heading in the future? How is academic reputation tracking evolving?

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