QS World University Rankings 2022 Yearbook

The 2022 QS Yearbook brings together QS’ Rankings tables and their in-depth analysis from throughout the 2022 cycle.

From the World University Rankings in June 2021 to the Subject Rankings in March 2022 and beyond, this almanac is a quick reference guide for all those interested in the state of education.

Over time, it also serves as a volume to look back upon, to understand Rankings changes over the years and decades.

The Yearbook also includes articles and editorials detailing the thoughts and ideas of experts and education stakeholders at the time of the Rankings’ publication. Topics including country and global trends, new developments in teaching, learning, and research published in the Higher Education Reports and QS Global Education News, as well the views of those at QS’ Conferences, provide context behind the data, and makes the QS Yearbook a must-read guide for higher education decision makers.

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