The Coronavirus Crisis and the Future of Higher Education


The higher education sector has been significantly impacted by the coronavirus crisis with students and institutions quickly adapting to this new normal.  

The ongoing QS coronavirus surveys of prospective international students and higher education professionals has provided up-to-date insights on the state of the sector during these unprecedented times.  

This latest report, which provides an overview of the results from both surveys, covers: 

  • How the study plans of prospective international students have changed throughout the crisis  
  • How prospective international students are adapting to online learning opportunities and challenges  
  • What prospective international students want to hear from universities 
  • How universities are responding to the coronavirus crisis and how they’re adapting their international student recruitment strategies
  • When universities predict theyll reopen campuses and what this will look like 

Please fill out the short form to download your free copy now.  

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