The QS World University Rankings: Your Top 10 Questions Answered

The-QS-world-university-rankings-your-top-10-questions answered

Struggling to understand how the QS World University Rankings work?

In this white paper, we’ll detail the top 10 questions we often receive about these global rankings, including:

  1. What base requirements do I need to meet to get on the rankings?
  2. How are the rankings calculated?
  3. What standards would I have to meet for research output and impact?
  4. How do you determine employer reputation and how does that impact my ranking?
  5. How do you determine academic reputation and how does that impact my ranking?
  6. How can I compare myself to domestic and international competitors?
  7. Why are my closest competitors better ranked than my institution?
  8. What are the main areas I should focus on to improve my ranking?
  9. How can I better market my ranking and make the most of it?
  10. Where are the rankings heading in the future? How are they evolving?

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