Universities, students and the Generative AI imperative

"Universities, students and the Generative AI imperative" report front cover.

Since the explosion of Generative AI in early 2023, the genie is truly out of the bottle and there is no turning back. But what do academics and international students think about Generative AI?

QS conducted a survey late in 2023 to provide a snapshot to higher education institutions of perspectives on Generative AI from academics and students. This report analyses the results of the 1,663 respondents to the QS Generative AI Academic and Student Pulse Surveys.

Discover insights on:

  • The impact Generative AI is having on student decision making
  • How students are using Generative AI platforms in their studies
  • Student and academic opinions on Generative AI
  • Recommendations for how universities can harness Generative AI.

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