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Analyze and Enhance Your Institution’s Academic Reputation

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Benefits of Knowing Your Academic Reputation

Determining Your Academic Reputation


  • Previous Respondents
  • World Scientific
  • Mardev-DM2
  • Academic Signup- Over 25,000 academics
  • Institution Supplied Lists


  • Personal Details- name, institution, job title, classification, department, years in academia.
  • Knowledge Specification- country, region, faculty area, field.
  • Respondents from top domestic institutions
  • Respondents from top international institutions
  • Additional Information


  • Five Year Aggregation
  • Junk Filtering
  • Anomaly Testing

Behind the Methodology

Why We Do What We Do

Committed to the key values of rigorous integrity, undeniable value and charismatic presentation, QS Intelligence Unit (QSIU) strive to be the most trusted independent source of global intelligence in the higher education sector.

Building on over 20 years of collecting institutional data, beginning with a global survey of MBA employers, our portfolio of research projects includes the QS World University Rankings, which has been in existence since 2004.

QSIU’s Academic Reputation Dataset provides your institution with data from the QS Academic Reputation Survey, containing responses from over 75,000 academics, which is used to determine 40% of an institution’s total score in the QS World University Rankings.

Insight into the Academic Reputation Dataset empowers strategic decision making, using high profile competitive intelligence, distinctive evaluation tools and transformational industry knowledge.

Our trusted source of competitive and objective data/ analysis comes from a decision to reject many proposed criteria (e.g. financial metrics like research income) which cannot be independently validated or are subject to exchange rate and business cycle fluctuations.

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Our Process – How We Do What We Do

  • The dataset will contain the granular data for the QS Global Academic Survey responses utilized in latest QS World University Rankings for your institution and peer institutions you selected. This will provide access to the underlying data used for the following crosscuts of Academic Reputation:
    • Ranking performance.
    • Academic responses by country/year.
    • Performance by subject area.
    • Performance by subject.
    • Responses by institution classification.
    • Performance by experience in academia and job classification.
  • This information will be available for your institution and the peers you would like to include in the dataset, so you will be able to compare you performance with theirs.
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