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Comprehensive data on your institution’s employability performance based on responses derived from the QS Employer Survey

How Do Employers View Your Institution?

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Understand How Employers View Your University or Business School

The Employer Reputation Dataset enables you to further analyse your institution’s employability performance and brand perception with recruiters who have hired your graduates. It is a comparative tool that is available to institutions in the QS World University Rankings®.

Each report includes all the employers’ responses nominating your institution and/or the selected peers, broken down by respondent and institution profiles. This encompasses responses from 5 continents across 140 countries with over 20 industries covered.

  • The data collected in the QS Global Employer Survey feeds into the Employer Reputation indicator (30% weighting in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings®). Therefore, this service is a useful tool to help your reputational strategy for the human resources sector.

  • Delivered through an online analytics platform, your dataset is intended to provide a high level of flexibility.

  • It is presented response by response, allowing you to filter and cross-reference according to your needs.

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