Through the looking glass: exploring student perspectives on student recruitment events 

Choosing the right university involves a myriad of decisions – each playing a crucial role in shaping students’ academic and personal journeys.  

Yet, amidst uncertainty, student fairs serve as invaluable resources – offering unique opportunities for students to explore lots of universities in one day, engage directly with representatives, gather firsthand information on programmes or campus life, ultimately making informed decisions about their academic futures. 

When we asked students for their five most useful sources, they said: 

QS International Student Survey 2023 data shows just how important fairs can be to prospective international students. Our student recruitment events, QS Discover or QS Connect, welcome many highly motivated students and are ideal for driving enquiries and applications. Leveraging our wealth of data and insights, we facilitate high-quality interactions – ensuring students and institutions achieve a good return on investment from our events.  

But don’t just take our word for it, hear directly from former students about their experiences attending one of our student recruitment events.  

What have students said about attending QS student recruitment fairs over the years? 

“It was a great experience having a 1-2-1 conversation with the university representatives. Most importantly, I got to know about the requirements for applying to universities and how my profile should be adapted to suit their requirements. Thank you, QS.” 

Dhanashree, attended in India 

“I’ve been to a lot of Master events, but QS event was easily one of the best. The interactivities with top business schools and Q&A sessions were incredibly informative.” 

Peng, attended in China  

“It was a very informative and great experience for me. I appreciate your feedback and all the follow-ups before and after the event.”  

Takashi, attended in Tokyo  

“Thanks a lot for your help. I managed to join all the sessions and am planning to start my applications soon. Thanks for organising the events, it helped a lot!”

Mawar, attended in Jakarta  

“Speaking with the admissions team gave me renewed motivation to try hard again. I relished every moment of speaking with the admissions team.” 

Eunjung, attended in Seoul  

“The registration process was rapid, and it took hardly 10 seconds. Informative and beneficial interaction with the university representatives. Best educational event one can attend and it’s a free event! Definitely recommend attending.” 

Arijit, attended in Kolkata 

Our Fall Events Schedule is now live!  

Whether you’re an institution aiming to interact with students at QS Discover – providing them with opportunities to inquire and delve into course material, or hoping to engage with smaller pre-selected groups at QS Connect, these events offer a unique platform to elevate an institutions brand presence and connect with highly driven individuals.

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