QS Stars: SRH Fernhochschule – The Distance Learning University

"The QS Stars rating is important because it provides an internationally recognised assessment of the quality and reputation of our institution."

Dr Simone von Boddien, Head of International Office

Can you tell us why you started working with QS Stars? 
Since the end of 2020, the SRH Fernhochschule has been pursuing a strategy to attract non-German-speaking students abroad, where there is an expected high growth potential. Up until last year, the further internationalisation of our university has been pursued primarily through a B2B approach by working with foreign university partners. This approach has yielded initial success in terms of international student numbers.
Tell us why your partnership with QS Stars has been successful.
People have reacted positively to the news about our 5 Stars rating. Foreign university partners, foreign agents and other foreign parties all have confirmed the importance of our cooperation with QS Stars in their efforts to promote our programmes.

5. Would you recommend QS Stars to others and why?
2Please summarise the QS products and services (QS Stars) you used to overcome these challenges.
We chose a cooperation with QS Stars Online Learning because of the nature of our university and our programmes. The 5 Stars rating from QS Stars that we communicate on our website, in presentations and brochures and through social media channels is intended to support our international growth strategy and position SRH Distance Learning University as a quality leader in distance learning around the world.

4. If you could choose one statistic or insight that represents the success of your partnership with QS Stars, what would it be?
6. Will you be partnering with QS in the future and, if so, what is the nature of that future partnership?
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"I’ve really enjoyed talking to so many people and I’ve loved the challenging aspect of trying to find as many interested people as possible in a short amount of time."

Stephanie, Canada & Australia

"QS builds friendships. We started promoting the events a couple of years ago and have become close friends even outside of QS."

Thessaloniki, Greece

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