The Flex Factor: Innovative approaches to international admissions

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The last two years have been a rollercoaster for international admissions, with huge volumes driving resources to the limit. As the landscape shifts again, what approaches can UK universities adopt that allow them to be as flexible as possible, whilst still providing a 5-star student journey? This isn’t just another webinar about the do’s and don’ts of admissions, it’s a dive into real world examples of problem solving as partners and understanding that one size no longer fits all.

By attending you’ll:

  • Hear inspiring case studies from senior sector peers on the problems they’ve faced and how they’ve experimented to overcome them.
  • Understand the latest developments in the admissions space and how flexibility is your friend.
  • Understand how AI is currently shaping admissions and what is just over the horizon.

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This webinar is designed for UK higher education professionals. The panel will consist of UK university and QS admissions experts.

Our Panel members:

Andrew Plant

Andy, Senior Business Development Director at QS, worked at 3 UK universities in international student recruitment and partnership roles for 16 years before joining QS in 2021. His focus is on optimising the student journey on behalf of QS’s partners and believes that every student deserves personalised and premium support during their daunting admissions journey. He often posts badly-lit videos on LinkedIn where he talks about #Admissues (admissions issues) and other topical subjects facing international higher education.

Isobel Rossiter

Isobel, Executive Director of Operations at QS, has previously spent 20 years working across a range of universities, covering leadership roles in international and domestic student recruitment, marketing and admissions. In QS she works with university partners to optimise their admissions services by offering consultation on best practice and enabling solutions to age old challenges such as turnaround times and effective communication approaches. A die hard HE fan and past-university board member, Isobel offers great perspective to any challenge.

Rob Tucker

Rob is Head of Admissions at LSBU and has been working in the sector for over 15 years, holding senior positions across Admissions, Marketing and Recruitment in HE, FE and Private Education. Rob is a champion for both applicant experience and digital transformation, so is always looking to push boundaries of how technology can support the delivery of an exceptional customer journey for each individual. He also likes to think he is bit of a data expert and often starts his team meetings sharing complex information that he assumes his team find extremely insightful – they may not completely agree.

Lorna Halliday

A senior recruitment and admissions professional with thirty years’ experience delivering success across a wide range of portfolios, Lorna is Head of Recruitment & Admissions for the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Edinburgh where she is responsible for directing and implementing the recruitment and admissions strategy for Undergraduate and Postgraduate taught applicants. Since joining the University of Edinburgh in 2007, she has been instrumental in helping to grow the College’s international student numbers.  She has also been seconded to one of the University’s change management programmes in the Recruitment & Admissions space where she gained a bird’s eye view of the applicant journey end to end. Frequently overheard muttering “but could we not do this differently or better?” she is passionate about providing the best applicant experience to those choosing to come to the UK.

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