Rankings Entry Evaluation

Receive an evaluation of where your institution stands in regard to entering the QS World University Rankings for the first time.

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What is a Rankings Entry Evaluation?

Undergo a thorough performance analysis as a non-ranked institution

The Rankings Entry Evaluation provides institutions with an assessment of their QS World University Rankings prospects.

With access to the comparative performance of ranked peers, as well as detailed explanation of the methodologies that shape the vast QS rankings portfolio, institutions can move forwards with a greater understanding of what is required for inclusion in QS rankings, and the steps they need to take to achieve their performance ambitions.

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Key features

Bespoke assessment

Understand your institution’s current standing in the rankings landscape

Receive a bespoke analysis of the requirements needed for inclusion in both QS and external rankings including THE WUR and ARWU.

Rankings breakdown

In-depth explanation of methodologies and key indicators

Learn about the methodologies and indicators used to calculate the QS World University Rankings and other major rankings.

Peer comparisons

Understand how you perform against identified peers

Compare your institution’s performance with that of chosen institutions in the latest edition of the rankings.

Trusted data

We utilise validated data provided by our partners

Our evaluation is compiled using data already present in our institutional partners’ databases or held by trusted third parties.

Accelerate your performance ambitions

Utilise your rankings assessment to shape and propel your performance strategy, taking steps to work towards entering the rankings for the first time.

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Use the information gained to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your current performance strategy.


Utilise the data to inform your actions and make evidence-based decisions on how you improve your performance.

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Once you have achieved your objective, continuously strive towards fresh performance goals with help from QS.

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