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Effectively manage your institution’s contacts and communications with academics and employers across the world using our reputation management software.

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What is MoveIN: Reputation management software?

Manage your institution’s reputation more effectively

Our MoveIN for reputation management software allows institutions to collect and analyse academic and employer contacts, and nurture these relationships through targeted communications.

Our custom-built system, optimised for higher education institutions, also provides institutions with unique insights that help identify which contacts to focus their communication efforts on in order to establish strong relationships and, in turn, boost reputation.

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Collect contacts and store these centrally

Easily filter contacts to analyse each department’s international reach using simple tables and visualisations, and streamline your processes for creating targeted communications.

Easy to use

Maintain and update details about all your contacts

Share contact notes with the rest of your team, with an option to view all sent and received communications in one place.


Engage with your contacts through tailored communications

Choose from and personalise various templates and use these for manual and automated communications.


Use your contact data to understand the strength of your reputation

Access unique data and insights so you can compare and identify areas to focus your efforts to build your reputation.

Accelerate your reputation ambitions

Utilise the data and functionality of MoveIN for reputation management to shape and propel your reputation strategy.

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MoveIN offers insights into your institution’s reputation that are only available from QS such as the number of contacts vs nominations received


MoveIN provides a single, secure location for contacts and communications management.

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Craft a better-informed reputation management strategy utilising the unique insights offered by the MoveIN solution.

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Success stories

“Working with QS reputation management software has given us greater insight and control over our reputation, making it much easier to engage with our contacts and to manage the survey invitation process.”

Xenia Guardia
Xenia Guardia

Rankings Director, Esade Business School

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