Display Advertising Services

Build your brand and raise awareness of your institution’s USPs both on our high-traffic websites and by leveraging our extensive audience across the web.

What is display advertising?

Control your brand narrative to a targeted audience

Ensure your brand is front of mind of priority student markets across all stages of the student journey by launching a geotargeted display ad on our high-traffic student sites.

Key features of display advertising

Improved conversion

90% of QS’ TopUniversities.com audience are prospects actively looking to enroll in a university programme. Attract them early in their search.

Targeted communications

Our targeting capabilities allow clients to reach the right audience segments through geotargeting, contextual targeting and offsite re-targeting.

Audience insights

We have millions of students using our sites. Access the insights you need to be confident that your ads are being seen by the right audience.


Our display adverts can include text, images or animation, and encourage site users to take a desired action on your institution’s website.

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Key benefits of display advertising

Extensive reach

Reach the largest global audience of high-intent students

Our flagship student website, TopUniversities.com, was viewed 147 million times in 2022.

SEO optimised

Leverage the strong performance of our student sites

TopUniversities.com boasts top Google search results rankings across 400,000 industry keywords.

Effective CTAs

Our average click-through rate is higher than most PPC campaigns

We boast a 0.46% CTR for onsite impressions and 0.7% for retargeting.

Global audience

Target millions of prospective applicants from all around the world

Visitors to our QS websites span over 245 countries.

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