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QS 360: The future of student recruitment

Combining 30 years of analytics with decades of advisory expertise, we’ve developed one complete solution to help you recruit smarter. QS 360 brings together billions of data points, AI-enabled predictive insights, and our global network to inspire and support you throughout your entire student recruitment cycle.

Answer your most pressing recruitment questions

From student personas to strategic pricing – QS 360 provides clear answers to your student recruitment challenges in a way that makes it easy to communicate with your teams and leadership.

Identify recruitment opportunities

We collaborate closely with your institution’s leaders to assess opportunities and risks, setting a clear recruitment path. Our award-winning machine learning models help you understand exactly where the market is heading so you’re always ahead of the curve.

Activate market plans

Our expertise in the UK education sector is unparalleled. We harness this vast knowledge to provide actionable advice, helping your institution design and execute laser-focused recruitment strategies that resonate with your target audiences.

Monitor performance and ROI

Easily track and manage your institution’s performance with real-time data, accessible 24/7. Measure return on investment and year-on-year impact and benchmark your performance against peers.

Make agile decisions with confidence

Get the most out of your data. We help you identify the most impactful metrics, and translate complex data into actionable insights. You’ll gain the clarity you need to allocate resources for maximum impact.

Receive expert support

Our dedicated specialists become an extension of your team, offering fresh perspectives to diagnose your unique recruitment challenges and outline clear steps to achieve your objectives.

Recruit smarter

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Designed in collaboration with universities, for universities 

We worked closely with our Founding Five UK institutions: Durham University, London South Bank University, King’s College London, the University of Southampton and the University of York.  

With their experience and feedback, we created an analytics and advisory service that truly meets the needs of the UK’s higher education institutions – a complete solution that ignites your existing recruitment efforts and maximises your success. 

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London South Bank University

“QS 360 brings everything together in one place. It doesn’t simply help us to review and compare recruitment for the next intake, but it enables us to take a data-led approach to forecasting and planning too.”

Paul Woods
Paul Woods, Group Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Communications

King’s College London

“There is nothing like this on the market with all of these sources together.”

Why partner with QS?

#1 global market leader for student insights and guidance (Google Trends 2023)
30 years leading the higher education sector
100,000 annual enrolments for university partners
75.3 million website visits globally
Insights from 485,000 prospective international students in the last five years alone
Billions of data points, across the entire recruitment funnel

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