Getting Your Institutional and Marketing Strategies Right

Optimizing your university or business school’s institutional and marketing strategies is vital if you are to see an increase in student enrollment.

Both of which require planning and subsequent strategic management in order to achieve any kind of success. What exactly goes into institutional and marketing strategies for universities and business schools? How can we differentiate between both strategies?

Institutional Strategy

An institutional strategy places focus on what specific areas of a university or business school may require a change to become a more desirable study destination for prospectives. It is important that they are well equipped with a good understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, which can later be used to foster their potential for development.

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It may also be of interest to you, as to how you can use big data sets to positively impact your institution.

Leverage QS Stars’ comprehensive audit results to highlight your unique value and provide global recognition for your institution’s achievements across multiple academic and operational areas.


Utilizing relevant data is key to making this strategy useful. Information about your institution that can be used for analysis includes employability, student satisfaction, and internationalization to name a few. Once you have an understanding of what areas need improving, your institution may choose to critique their own processes and make the necessary improvements to where they were generating poor feedback or experiencing difficulties.

Marketing Strategy 

Where your institutional strategy addresses points for improvement internally, your marketing strategy focuses on improving your institution’s identity and image. If we put ourselves in the mind of a prospective student, a really simple way to gain an understanding of how a university compares to others, is through the use of ratings.

More specifically, QS Stars provide a rating system for eight different categories, which can subsequently be used to promote institutions on an international scale. The idea of pushing a brand identity and image is all the more important as you can gain recognition from your peers and really play to your strengths when you are marketing your university or business school.

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Examples of QS Stars Marketing 

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How Are Both Strategies Linked 

It’s simple – both strategies are heavily reliant on the use of data in order to gauge where their strengths and weaknesses lay. It is from here the respective strategies can be used to bolster an institution’s image or instigate direct improvements.

Not only does QS Stars provide you with all the information and analysis from an extensive dataset, but you will receive an in-depth report with suggestions on where to perform better. It presents the opportunity to get the most out of institutional and marketing strategies in an efficient and constructive way.

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