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Understand Your Target Market

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Understand Your Audience With Our Market Insight Service

QS’s Market Insight Service allows you to receive direct feedback from prospective students by conducting focus groups in regions of interest.

The focus groups are run by a QS dedicated team: experts on student recruitment and experiences. The topics of discussion are tailored to your needs. They can cover a variety of subjects from general queries like tuition fees, the length of degrees and desired study destination, to more specific questions such as perceived barriers to entry, university branding, the influence of parents over students and vice versa.

  • After the focus groups, you will receive a report outlining key findings and implications.

  • You will be given advice on potential next steps.

  • The report will also include quantitative insights based on the student surveys QS runs worldwide, highlighting exactly what is distinct about students from the region of your interest.

“We needed some qualitative research on the international students of India and subscribed to this new QS service. We are extremely pleased with the organisation and effectiveness following the report delivered and would definitely recommend it.”

Michelle Carlin, University of Sydney

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